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The start of the Regional film festival

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About RFFI

About regional film festival of India and awards
What are film festivals?

Most states in India have their own film industry. These film industries are not really prominent as mainstream cinema, but are making enough contribution to the domain as a whole. The regional film industry has actors and actresses who have made a contribution to the fraternity. Now, each film industry has its own film festival. These film festivals are celebrated annually. There are invitations sent to the prominent actors, popular celebrities, dignitaries and the renowned personalities from different domains.

These film festivals act as a platform for small scale artists who have talent and knowledge about filmmakingand acting but do not get enough opportunities because of different factors like budget, exposure and reach. There are even talented musicians and singers across these regions, but they do not really get a chance to showcase their art and ability due to the same reasons. This is exactly why the regional film festivals are so important. Here, people who have made short films with a powerful message, talented musicians with unheeded potential, and virtuous artists who didn’t get enough lucky with their efforts are celebrated, honored and recognized. Also, the regional film festivals are an effective way to promote the culture and language of the particular state.

Awards and Honors

Apart from the motive to promote culture and provide a platform to perform and represent the art of their region, the film festivals are also a way to honor the actors and actresses who have played promising roles in the regional movies and also, have won laurels for the whole nation.

There are awards for debut artists, best actors and actresses in the lead role and many other categories are honored on this platform. The award is also presented to the veteran actors who have made immense contribution to the regional film industry.